Brighton, CO

  • "Hot stones expand blood vessels and encourage blood flow throughout the body"
  • "Neuromuscular therapy helps treat lower back pain and other pain related issues"
  • "Cranial sacral therapy addresses bones in the head, spinal column and sacrum"
  • "Massage increases oxygen in the blood and decreases toxins in the muscles"

Massage Menu


All massages include music, choice of aromatherapy and spa water. All massage times can be customized. If you like a certain aroma, music, or beverage we would be happy to accommodate.


Full Body Swedish

Traditional, relaxing massage that helps reduce stress, encourages circulation and increases range of motion. Traditionally, Swedish Massage includes joint range of motion, and is included in my practice.

Deep Tissue Massage

It is a common misconception that “deep tissue” is just deeper pressure. This is not true to what Deep Tissue Massage is. This art of massage is a technique that helps get through the superficial muscles working to the deepest. It allows us to work out any adhesions, and gives us the opportunity to reorganize. Muscles aren't always where they're supposed to be. Deep Tissue is a very precise way to help deal with underlying issues within the muscles and reorganize them in a way that is more functional and without pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy

This is an incredible therapy that deals with the nervous system directly. NMT works to eliminate pain pathways due to trigger points. Simply put, trigger points reside within various parts of our tissues and body. They cause referral pain throughout the body and generally follow a typical pathway. Research shows that this NMT helps reduce or eliminate these pain patterns with proper technique.

Posture & Movement

Many people suffer from chronic pain, discomfort and/or pain that comes from certain recreational activities. Posture and Movement is a structural analysis of what is working or not working for you. Using massage to help correct what is causing pain or discomfort takes time. This includes pelvic balancing, rotations in the leg, hip and foot correction, structural deviations, and more. I require a 4-6 session commitment over 2-4 months for highest effectiveness.

Therapeutic Integration

Therapeutic integration is a massage that comes from more of a structural angle. If you’re having pain in one area and want a more focused massage on a certain area I use deep tissue and neuromuscular to help reduce and/or correct the issue. This can also include increasing range of motion, flexibility and function.

Spa & Stone

Originally used by Native Americans, this technique has evolved to a relaxing massage with warm smooth stones that reduces muscle tension and calms the nervous system. The exquisite flow of the stones makes this artistic massage a client favorite.

Cold Stone Migraine

Troubling headaches or migraines? Using cold stones helps reduce the tension and swelling that can happen with headaches and migraines. It can be added to a treatment or used as a stand alone treatment. It is a 30 minute session.

Pediatric Massage

Massage for children is so good. Possible touch is essential to our growth and development. Children with ADD, ADHD, development delays, autism, etc benefit from massage. There have been studies proving it helps. Each child is assessed and treated as an individual. I start slowly and never push the child further than they’re ready for. Generally the first session doesn’t go more than 20-30 mins. Parent is required to remain in room with child. It is state law.

Prenatal Massage

Being pregnant can be so beautiful and very exhausting. Treat yourself to a full body prenatal massage. You will be spoiled with a nurturing, warm, and mindful massage to encourage relaxation.

Cerebral Palsy Massage

A customized massage formulated specifically for the individual based on the type of Cerebral Palsy they have. This can be out patient massage for no extra charge.


This alternative medicine is intended to relieve pain and tension by gentle manipulations of the skull regarded as harmonizing with a natural rhythm in the central nervous system. There are huge benefits with this form of massage. Most people can benefit from this technique.

Sports Massage

Are you trying to improve your time, accuracy or strength for the sport you love? Sports Massage has been proven to help. Whether you're on your off season or training I can do a a full analysis and we can develop a plan to help you meet our goals.

TMJ Disorder Massage

Facial muscle and fascia release, inner oral massage and Craniosacral massage to help release muscle tension caused by TMJ Disorder.

Colorado Earth

Aromatherapy massage with full body Swedish, or on its own. It includes a warm, restorative honey mask on the back.

Salt or Sugar Scrub & Clay Mask

What better way to spend your day than being spoiled with an exfoliating scrub,followed with a rejuvenating clay mask. Closing your session with a delightful full body Swedish massage.